Wednesday, August 23, 2006


"... And the sign said long haired freaky people need not apply" -- Signs by Five Man Electrical Band

I don't generally like to talk about work but today was mildly amusing and life affirming at the same time.

The first instance was my exchange at the front door of a client I had not seen in about a year. I arrive. Ring the doorbell. Door opens. He comments that I must be growing my hair out (it's about 5 inches longer than the last time I saw him) and I make the same comment as it appears that his had done the same. But he killed me with the follow-up. I paraphrase what he said, "Yeah, after the '04 elections, I started growing my hair out. I didn't want anybody thinking I was a Republican. If you're a Republican, then I'm sorry." I said, "Don't apologize, you have nothing to worry about." I don't mix my work and my politics, so he had no way of knowing. But it was a refreshing exchange since the majority of my client visits are at houses with Hummers with NRA stickers and with clients that tell me what a good job the Minutemen are doing. I do a lot of nodding my head and cursing under my breath.

The second instance is not poltical at all. It was merely cool. A client that I had done computer work for in the past called with panic in her voice. She needed a DVD video of her speaking (about 10 minutes worth) to send to a job she was applying for out east. And she needed it by tomorrow (Thursday) morning. She wanted to know if I had a video camera and had the capabilities of getting the video to DVD. Though I'd never done the task before for a customer, I've shot hundreds of hours of footage with my digital video camera, edited them and created a lot of DVD's that I've sent to family. But it's just been a hobby and something that I enjoyed doing. So, to be paid to do it was sweet. My directorial debut! OK, more like my videographer debut. Whatever ... I still felt like Scorcese. :-)


Jewish Atheist said...

That's funny about the hair. I've actually found myself going out of my way to identify myself as a liberal when I'm wearing a more "Republican" (i.e. conservative, clean-cut) outfit.

dbackdad said...

Ha-ha. I can identify with that. My hair was long (past the middle of my back) from college until my 30th birthday. I cut it as a shock to all my friends at my birthday party.

As a character study, it is interesting to see how people react when they just assume that you think like them (because you may look or act like them).

But it's been 7 years since that and it's just time. I'm not sure how long I'm going to go. It's close to shoulder length now. My client base is set and they don't really care whether my hair is long or short.

Sadie Lou said...

ah. Being paid to do what you enjoy doing is such a blessing. I have often fantasized about getting paid to watch movies--i'd love to be a critic and get paid for it.

Scott said...

The most annoying thing about having hair down to your shoulders and long beard is everyone telling you that you look like Jesus.

Every day.

I don't miss those days.

dbackdad said...

"i'd love to be a critic and get paid for it." -- you and me both. You figure that one out and let me know how to get that job. :-)

"The most annoying thing about having hair down to your shoulders and long beard is everyone telling you that you look like Jesus." -- I'm reluctant to tell this story and if there is a hell, I'm sure I bought a first way ticket there but here goes:

To borrow a phrase from a friend of mine, I've written the first few chapters of the book, The Half-Ass Way of Damning One-self
Chapter 1: Go to a Halloween party and even though you don't believe in God, dress up as Jesus.
Chapter 2: Get spanked at the party by two young women dressed as devils.

He-he. See, it's a half-ass way because if I was serious about going to hell, I'd just kill someone or commit adultery, etc. But no, I have to nickle-and-dime myself there. lol (btw, I have a photograph of me dressed up as Jesus and I will track it down and post it. Thankfully, there is no physical proof of me getting spanked)

Laura said...

Scott: At least they didn't mistaken you for a girl. that happened to a friend of mine once. We were walking down the street and some guy addressed us as "ladies". It was hysterical [to me anyway].

Funny about the hair though - we make a lot of judgements about people for the way they look. We like to pretend that we don't - but it's human nature. It's part of the fight or flight mechanism built into our amphibian brain.

CyberKitten said...

Good luck with the movie career... I look forward to paying my $12 towards your first million.... [grin].

I went from hair most of the way down by back to a short back & sides just after I started University... It shocked quite a few people since I'd had long hair since I was about 13.

greatwhitebear said...

okay, first, I do look like Jesus. that is, Jesus if the Pharasees had been correct about him being a glutton and drunkard.

as for your hummer driving, nra member, minutemand loving clients. Rather than mutter under your breath,just make a mental note to charge them a 10% aggravation fee!