Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Drug Legalization

My world is falling apart. I've found something that I agree with Scott on. Check out his well-reasoned post on drug legalization:


BTW, Scott, it's not meant to be a back-handed compliment. I truly think you had a great post. :-)


Scott said...

Wow, thanks for the reference.

Shawn said...

It was a good post. For once, I just read and didn't have anything to say...

Sadie Lou said...

A well written piece for sure and if Laura shows up here, I'd like to ask her what she thought of Scott's comment on Spurlock. It's no secret that both Laura and I have a great deal of respect for Morgan's work and the show 30 Days.
I'm curious as to why you don't think he's honest, Scott. Isn't honesty the virture he stands by the most?

dbackdad said...

I think Spurlock and 30 Days are great.

I knew it was too good to be true that I would agree with Scott on something. He had to piss on the parade somehow. :-)

Spurlock's no John Stossel. lol

Scott said...

No he's not, Stossel is a journalist. Spurlock is a fiction film maker:


There's no honesty in pandering.

Plus he's just kind of a jerk in general:


dbackdad said...

Stossel a journalist? You are telling me that Stossel doesn't go in with the conclusion he's trying to get? His story on school vouchers was shameless. And an iceberg could melt in his front yard and he'd still be denying global warming.

Ms. Schlussel, the author of the first article you refer to, is a hard-core Republican activist and is one step this side of Ann Coulter. She has a bias going in.

As for the other article about Spurlock, I will not try to defend him on that one. I can't speak for the veracity of your article but if it is true, it would definitely not be something I would condone.

Scott said...

It happened, the strange thing is, while it was all over the press when it happened, every reference to the story comes up as a broken link. He was doing speaking tours to talk to the kids about all the amazing things he learned while making Super Size Me. You know, stuff like *gasp* fast food is bad for you.

http://tinyurl.com/kjj8p -> Is Morgan's written apology in which he states he was only kidding, so no biggie.

btw, I'd be interested in hearing your opinion on the Stossel school vouchers bit. What exactly made it shameless?

dbackdad said...

I found that Spurlock apology also. Not the greatest apology I've ever read.

One of these days, I'm going to do something a little more in-depth on school vouchers and education in general. I've been reluctant up till now because I know that a few regulars here are certainly more qualified than myself to speak on those issues and I don't want to come across as a boob (more so than normal, that is). :-)

Laura said...

I like Spurlock and 30 days, but like any other "reality" show, I am in no way convinced that it's 100% objective - how can it be really? But I often agree with the points he's making - such as the prison system is in dire need of reform (but that doesn't turn as much of a profit for the private companies who run a lot of prisons now). I do think I like the episodes better when regular people are participating.

Dback: I'd love to hear your take on vouchers. Actually, read American Education by Joel Spring first. He gives a pretty good overview.

I've seen John Stossel in interviews. He's way more of a dick than Morgan Spurlock as far as I've seen. "Jouralist" is more like it.

dbackdad said...

Thanks for the recommendation. You were the one who I knew would know quite a bit about vouchers and education in general.

Sadie Lou said...

I read the article and I have to ask, is that the only example you have of Spurlock being less than honest? because quite frankly, I'm not convinced.
I could easily project the outcome of Super Size Me--Spurlock would gain weight and his health would decline. Does that fact mean I shouldn't watch the documentary?
Just because I can guess at the target outcome? I'm sure Spurlock knew what was going to happen and he must have wanted it to happen--the truth of the piece is to what degree did it happen?
Just because Spurlock knew what angle he was going for in the piece on Islam doesn't mean that he's being dishonest about it's outcome, does it?