Sunday, January 14, 2007

Arianna Huffington

Arianna Huffington recently made one of the most astute (and funny) observations of exactly what is wrong with Joe Lieberman and John McCain:
" ... discussing Joe Lieberman and his shared delusions with John McCain. They've become brothers in bloodshed. They can validate their misguided beliefs by pointing at the other and saying: "See, I'm not crazy." They're the D.C. version of Thelma and Louise, only it's not their car they're driving over a cliff -- it's our country."

And ultimately, that is why neither of these men should be supported, despite their great work in many areas (environment, campain finance reform, etc.).


Laura said...

The reason I don't like them? They're status quo. We don't need more "business as usual" presidents. We need someone who can take this mess that we've got and actually have the creativity and courage to spark some change... God I hope Obama runs, and not just cuz it'd be the biggest political celebration Chicago's ever seen either...

greatwhitebear said...

eewww... somehow, I'll never look at geena davis the same whay again.