Thursday, April 12, 2007

Blog Roundup

Since I've been busy lately (or lazy), I thought I'd point you to the funnier highlights of some of my fave blogs. At least they've been doing some thinking and writing:

  • James at Genius of Insanity has a clever take on the tendency of this president to create a Czar of everything -- WTF is a War Czar???
    It's all very consistent with his king (or God) complex.

  • ===============================================
  • "It was a dark and stormy night" ... or something like that. Shawn from Cheese is Moldy Milk channels Raymond Chandler -- The Big Orange Moon

  • ===============================================
  • Iraq war as prep-school football game from Shrimplate -- Snap. I love the line, "And why is that stupid cheerleader quarterbacking?" Wicked funny but way too true.

  • ===============================================
  • Josh at Schulzone has a link to a version of Fuck Tha Police that you could actually show your kids -- Help the Police


And as always, some very sober and intelligent discussions on dominionism, and gays in the military from Sadie at Sadico Junction and Laura at Sarchasm, respectively.


Finally, some smokin' movie reviews:

Grindhouse from Laura
Grindhouse from Reel Fanatic


Jeff said...

"Fuck the Police" is one of my favorite songs and I must say "Help the Police" did it justice haha. That was hysterical.

Sadie Lou said...

That reminds me: I should do a blog roundup too. My readership has changed a bit and I want to let people know who you guys are and why I love you all!
Thanks for the shout-out

greatwhitebear said...

just did the rounds of the affore mentioned blogs, and was equally impressed. Especially with Sadie Lou's.

btw... cnograts on dbacks impressive start. Kinda makes up for the 'yotes...NOT!

dbackdad said...

Sadie -- Glad to do it. You deserve all the traffic you get at your blog.

GWB -- I still need to get to my first game of the year. I have some tix for a game in May. My folks are coming down in the next week or two and we'll try to get to a game. They're a young team but they play hard.

The 'Yotes played this year? I hadn't noticed ... and I live a half mile from where they play. lol

Jeff -- thanks for stopping by. BTW, all should check out the current countdown on Jeff's blog, Imagine Echoes, of the top progressive rock bands. Very thoughtful as always.

greatwhitebear said...

it is questionable that you can call what the 'Yotes did playing.