Saturday, November 17, 2007

Good Weekend

OK, my last 6 posts have all been about what I don't like (evangelizing, Myspace, lack of privacy, Glenn Beck, hubris). Lest you think I'm depressed all the time, here are some highlights of a bitchin' weekend:
  • -- Dinner out with E-Slice (Eric) and the family for his birthday at a small sushi place called Tokyo Lobby. Great straight up sushi plus some goofy specialties like Monkey Brains (deep-fried stuffed mushroom with crab meat and spicy tuna). Top it off with tempura banana with ice cream for dessert. yum.

  • -- One of the best special exhibits that we've ever seen at the Arizona Science Center - Titanic: The Artifact Exhibition. It was instructive , had a lot of stuff (doors, windows, dishes, clothes, etc.) and was thematically well put together.

  • -- Lunch Saturday at Uncle Sam's in Phoenix. Big portions and some of the better hoagies and cheesesteaks in Phoenix.

  • -- Used book shopping at Bookman's (a local chain) and Half Price Books. I hit the jackpot today getting 3 Neil Gaiman books (American Gods, Neverwhere, and Good Omens), Neal Stephenson's Cryptonomicon and C.S. Lewis' The Chronicles of Narnia. I've been in a rut for the last couple of years of buying almost nothing but non-fiction. So, I'm trying to balance out with some good sci-fi.

  • -- Plus, Thursday, I went to my first Suns game of the year - a win versus da Bulls.

So, I do occasionally enjoy myself between bouts of pulling my hair out over our country going to hell in a hand basket. "Can't rain all the time ..." as the Crow would say.


shrimplate said...

We saw the Titanic exhibit the first time around, and it was amazing.

CyberKitten said...

Bitchin' indeed...

I *knew* you weren't just doom & gloom [rotflmao]

Now just to get people to think that *I* have good times/thoughts too... [chuckle]

Laura said...

There's something called the Good News Network - not biblical - but it's a collection of real good news stories. It's kind of a pick me up after watching CNN....

We missed the Titanic exhibit when it was here in Chicago. Maye it'll come back.

dbackdad said...

CK - It's funny how a majority of people believe that atheists are depressed all the time. You know what would make me depressed? Being told from the time I was born that I was going to hell. Gotta love those Catholics (Hopefully Michelle won't read this comment. lol).

Laura- That's a cool site. I hadn't heard about it before but have it bookmarked now. Thx.