Tuesday, December 18, 2007

She was a good truck ...

She lived a long hard life -

- 3 major accidents

- 210,000 miles, 12 years

- helped dozens of friends move

- went fishing in Minnesota, went tubing on the Salt River

Gone is my out-dated Janet Napolitano for governor and Jim Pederson for Senate '06 stickers (which are stuck on even older Kerry/Edwards '04 stickers). Gone is my Iowa State and Sierra Club stickers.

I hate cars, but I hated this one less than most.

Taken from me before I was ready because of a bonehead hitting me from behind. Oh well. Hopefully, from this very blog you'll hear of me getting something cool like a Prius or Smart Car. Or maybe you'll hear of me forsaking my driving ways altogether and doing something that doesn't require me to flit about Phoenix all the time and endanger myself and the planet. Who knows. For now, we'll see how long that we can share a car and still do our jobs. Stay tuned.


Laura said...

That sucks... a rear ender and they totaled it? It doesn't even look like the damage is that bad unless it's just the angle of the pic.

Good luck on your quest. Some friends of mine have a Prius and they love it. I also heard the Honda Civic hybrid is nice too (a friend rented one in CA recently). Do they have Zipcars/Igo where you're at?

I really am grateful for living in an area where I can walk places and take public transit (as long as the state keeps funding it)...

dbackdad said...

I haven't heard of the zipcars ... will have to look into that.

It was "totaled" in an insurance-sense, but you are right, the damage was not terrible. It was actually still drivable. It would just cost more to fix it than the truck was worth, so they reimbursed me for the market value of the truck.

josh said...

What a pain in the ass.

I've driven a prius exactly once but loved it, it's an amazing vehicle. I had to work very hard to watch the road instead of the data readouts. Definitly test drive one just for the experience of sitting at a stop light with a car thats totally off.

Good luck with one car: If it's possible it's great. We were down to one car for 4 years but in phoenix (and with kids) i'm not sure we could have pulled it off.

dbackdad said...

"Good luck with one car ..." - 3 days down, so far, so good. If we could make it work with one car, I'd be thrilled. I think we'll give it about a month and re-evaluate.

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