Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Accidental Blogger

Nine days between posts? What the hell? Sometimes, you just don't know what to blog about. I've been slammed by work lately and haven't had a lot of extra time to do anything but eat and sleep. I can pay attention to all your blogs, but mine gets neglected.

In what spare time I've had, I've ducked out to catch a few hockey games (go 'Yotes ... on a 5 game winning streak) and I took in a rock and mineral show with the family. Alex is as much of a rock hound as I am and enjoys these type of things. My wife ... not so much. My personal faves are fossils of various kinds:

The coolest thing about them is that God took the time to put them inside of rocks 6,000 years ago, just so some random prospector could find them, cut and polish them and sell them to me at a rock show. Yeah. If your belief system relies on you ignoring every bit of fact, logic and practical experience, then maybe you should get a new belief system.

Between Christmas and New Year's, we made a trip up to the folks near Kingman, stayed in Laughlin for a day and took the scenic route back to Phoenix, traveling through Lake Havasu City - home of conservative retirees, crazy spring breakers who show their hoo-hoo's, and the London Bridge.

Here, Alex tries to escape the vicious tourist trap by using the TARDIS

I didn't have the heart to tell him it wasn't real. If it was real, I might have tried to use it to escape the innane, incessant and often incorrect news coverage of the political primary season.

I've watched very little of it on TV, though I do follow everything online. This is not my favorite time in the political schedule. Pretty much everybody irritates me in one manner or another right now, but topping my annoying list would the disingenuous aw-shucks populism of John McCain and Ron Paul. McCain will profess to be a man of the people and a 'maverick' when it suits him but will then toe the party line when it doesn't. Ron Paul rightly attracts widespread support through his anti-war views. But, I wonder if those same people would be so likely to support him knowing of the racist and violently anti-government rhetoric published under his name?

TV obviously blows in general with the writer's strike, but I'm reading a lot. Just finished U2 by U2. It's a narrative of their career culled from 150 hours of interviews with everyone in the band. There are a lot of insights into the songwriting that I did not know. They are much more Christian than I ever gathered. Definitely not in an annoying fashion. But rather their faith informs their songwriting choices quite a bit.

So, that's what's been happening in my boring life. I'm going to try and blog every day for a least a week just to get myself back in the swing of things. Lucky you. I'll probably be talking about what I ate for breakfast.


CyberKitten said...

dbackdad said: I'm going to try and blog every day for a least a week just to get myself back in the swing of things. Lucky you. I'll probably be talking about what I ate for breakfast.

Oh... I'm *sure* that it'll be more interesting that that.... I hope... [rotflmao].

Eric said...

I had two eggs, over medium with blueberry-habanero bbq sauce, three rashers of turkey bacon, two pieces of high-fiber whole wheat toast, black coffee, and water with emergen-C powder in it.

CyberKitten said...

I had a bowl of Frosties with semi-skimmed milk.

Though an hour later (at work) I had fried bread, beans & an egg (sunny side up).

I didn't have lunch though.... [grin]

James said...

What do you think of your Gov. endorsing Obama? I think it will help him. In complete disclosure, however, I must say I'm a big Obama supporter. ;)

dbackdad said...

Actually, what Eric usually eats for breakfast would be interesting to talk about. Me ... not so much.

James -- I was at the YMCA today and saw the clip of guv endorsing Obama on the TV. I hadn't had a chance to read up on it much, but it seems like there is an avalanche of support for Obama right now (Kerry being the highest profile recent addition). While I like Obama, I think the current love affair is a little disproportionate. If he gets the nom, I'll gladly support it, but I'm an Edwards guy.

I'd be curious to see Napolitano's specific reasons for endorsing Obama. Obviously, ol' Bill's appointment of her as U.S. Attorney when he was in office wasn't enough for Janet to throw her support behind Hillary.

dbackdad said...

BTW, for breakfast, I had 4 fried chickens and a Coke ... and some dry white toast. :-)

James said...

Yeah it will interesting to see how this primary all works out (as long as it isn't Clinton I'll be happy).

However, I do like Edwards and was backing him for quite awhile. I hope that if he backs out that he'll endorse Obama. I would love to see an Obama/Edwards ticket. Or Edwards as our Attorney General, he'd be a bulldog on those corporations.

dbackdad said...

I truly believe that most Edwards supporters would go for Obama -- probably 2 out of every 3.