Sunday, February 17, 2008

Charles Barkley

You gotta love Chuck. He might say some dumb things sometimes, but he's always brutally honest. The contrast between Barkley and a wet noodle like Wolf Blitzer is painfully obvious here:

I absolutely detest people like Wolf Blitzer. In their futile attempts to look impartial and play it safe, they manage to stand for absolutely nothing.

Barkley, however, as a prominent black man living in a largely conservative state, is not afraid to say he's for gay marriage and is pro-choice. Good for you Charles.


Laura said...

THe media have it hard though, because a lot of people have the perception that journalists are supposed to be impartial. Smart folks realize that's impossible. So people like Blitzer cater to the lowest common denominator by trying to appear impartial to the masses, but to those of us who get it, he appears as a giant tool.

The most we can expect from anyone is that they will make a conscious effort to acknowledge their own biases and thus, by recognizing them, can minimize their impact on their reporting.

shrimplate said...

To inprove their ratings, CNN could have Blitzer saw his head open and pour bleach into it. Or bull semen. Whatever.