Sunday, March 16, 2008


Friday afternoon, when I should be working, I'm at a spring training ball game with the kid. Weather's gorgeous, if just a bit breezy. Portobello mushroom sandwich and a beer to top it off.

Today, Sunday, when I should be relaxing, I'm at a recently relocated client in Prescott (100 miles from home), but who paid me for the travel time and everything. Weather is freaky. It snowed a good deal of the way there, the entire time we were in Prescott, and half the way home. The last 15 miles going into Prescott, I'm following a snow truck putting sand on the road and we're crawling along at 20 mph. It's not slick, mind you - it's not really cold enough for that. But Arizona people are unaccustomed to inclement weather and go a little overboard with precautions.

As bad as it was there, Flagstaff (just another hour away) got hit even harder and had whiteout conditions and tragically bad results. And to think, my biggest decision this morning was whether I was going to wear shorts or jeans (jeans thankfully won out). Looks like my time might have been better spent actually turning on the Weather Channel.


Laura said...

Snow in Arizona? strange world. Is that up in the mountains or is it the end of times?

You better get used to it if you're looking to move to the midwest.

shrimplate said...

We left Skull Valley on Sunday morning and drove on and off through flurries until we got to Highway 17. It was only the third time my kid had seen snow. They were thrilled.

Prescott has sanders? Who'd 'a thunk it?

dbackdad said...

I laugh in the face of snow. Bwa-ha-ha-ha!!

I can see the FOX News Ticker now: "Snow in AZ? Global Warming Proven as Hoax. Take that Al Gore."

Knuckleheads that confuse climate with weather and macro with micro are endlessly fascinating. They're all inhabitants of their own little Whoville on their own little speck of dust.