Friday, August 29, 2008


We're back among the world of pet owners. It took awhile for us to get over the loss of Duchess about a year and a half ago. But a great local pug rescue organization, the Arizona Pug Adoption and Rescue Network, was recommended to us from one of my clients who owns two pugs.

We visited the pug we ended up adopting at her foster home on Wednesday, thought it over and called the same night to confirm that we wanted her. I picked her up this morning. She's 5 years old, very affectionate, and has more than a passing resemblance to Duchess. But, she's a good dog and it feels good to give her a home. So, here she is, Sadie (with apologies to our dear blog friend Sadie Lou, the original Sadie in our books). It's not our fault ... she was named when we adopted her and it'd be tough to get her used to another name.


wunelle said...

She's fabulous! I have a soft spot for our shelter & rescue organizations, as I think they do such good and needed work. Our first dog was, like Sadie, an older one from the pound.

Our two girls now have come from a breeder, but only after we looked and looked for another hypo-allergenic dog at the pound (Susan is waaaaay allergic). We still keep our eye on the ads in case another suitable older dog shows up.


Laura said...

Awwww. What a cutie! THere's nothing quite like the feeling of saving a little life.

dbackdad said...

Thanks guys. It was time.

We had gotten Duchess at the Humane Society and we were pretty intent on getting our next pet either from there or some time of rescue organization.

Sadie and several other dogs were rescued from a "puppy mill" (Sophie on their website is another from the same place).

Wunelle, what breeds are your dogs?

Eric said...

very cute!

wunelle said...

They're Bichon Fris├ęs. They're now about three years old, and they're sisters--litter-mates. It's amazing how distinctive they are, as any pet owner will attest. But it's fun with ours in that people initially can't tell them apart, until some time is spent to get to know them.

Without kids, we've become scary dog people, with pictures and doggie toys and doggie sitters when we go away, etc.!

shrimplate said...

Wunnelle, are bichons non-shedding like poodles?