Monday, June 08, 2009

Cartoon of the Day


Laura said...

YUP YUP... you hit it on the head.

I don't want to sound jaded, but I have recently gone back to my old thought pattern about marriage - namely - what's the point really unless you want kids. Even then, there are many examples where it's proven marriage isn't necessary, it just makes certain legal issues easier to deal with.

I still maintain that you don't need a piece of paper stamped by your church or state officials to prove you love someone.

dbackdad said...

My take on the cartoon was that it was specifically referring to how churches are pushing government to pass anti gay marriage laws. In effect: the marriage of church and state to descriminate.

Laura said, "I still maintain that you don't need a piece of paper stamped by your church or state officials to prove you love someone." -- After a thoroughly (and predictably) doomed experience trying to jump through the ridiculous hoops the Catholic Church put out there to prevent my wife from marrying a non-Catholic, we eloped and did a small un-planned wedding with only our folks and a few friends in attendance. It was a in a chapel in the lobby of a Holiday Inn and on the video of the proceedings, you could hear the Jeopardy theme playing in the background from the hotel bar. Our minister recited suitably generic New Age/Christian platitudes, and then we were married. A short limo ride across the river to Laughlin, NV and our honeymoon began. Cheesy ... sure. Vaguely white trash ... undoubtedly. And I wouldn't change a single solitary minute of it. It's not about the silly rituals. It's not about the government approving it. It's about you looking into someone else's eyes and committing yourself to them.

wunelle said...

So true.

My buddy has it right, I think. It's not that the state should be recognizing same-sex unions, it has no business recognizing anybody's union, except as a legal construct. The church definition should have no bearing, and the church should be allowed, as per the First Amendment, to hate and exclude as churches always do.

I'm amused by a control-freak bumper sticker seen near my house: "You CAN'T be both PRO-CHOICE and CATHOLIC!" Same thing here; we should agree with them--and send Catholicism packing to history's dustbin.

dbackdad said...

That is an odd bumper sticker. How convenient of them to make the choice easier for us. Bye-bye Catholicism! Don't let the door hit you in the ass on the way out.

shrimplate said...

We got married in a new-age pagan bookstore by a bunch of Wicca-types. We fashioned our own hand-fasting ceremony. They sanctified salt, water, smoke, and candles then "cut a sacred circle" around us for spiritual protection. The woman who led the proceedings, "Raven," had us jump a broom at the end, after cutting us out of the sacred round.

They were very excited to have us. They had it announced in the local Plattsburg paper even. It was all official and legal. Raven signed our marriage certificate with that as her name.

Then we went to Montreal and saw Cirque du Soleil.

dbackdad said...

SP - lol. That sounds awesome! I love the circus weddings.

The day after our "legal" wedding, we went to Oatman, AZ, a ghost town. My uncle runs the Oatman Gunfighters who do re-enactments in the main street. They did a shotgun wedding for my wife and I, in which both of our fathers got to participate. About 500 of our closest friends (OK ... they were all tourists who we didn't know) watched the proceedings. It was a blast and a lot more memorable than if we had done something more traditional.