Friday, July 03, 2009

Palin Resigns

My favorite reader comments from Huffington Post's article on Sarah Palin's sudden resignation as Governor of Alaska:

  • "Don't rule out the possibility that she simply wants to devote more time to exploiting her family."

  • "Just when the Sanford story was getting stale. The republicans are the gift that keeps on giving."

  • "Ah shucks, what a quality lady there... true blue Republican, back bone of the party - cute, clueless, and fertile. We'll miss her."

  • "Is she defecting to Russia?"

  • "It's ACORN's fault!"

  • "Top 5 Reasons Sarah Palin resigned:

    1. She's replacing Michael Jackson on his comback World Tour.
    2. She can do more good as the new host of America's Got Talent.
    3. Last week she contracted Swine Flu on an undisclosed trip to Argentina.
    4. She signed a 5 year contract to be the new point guard for the LA Sparks.
    5. One word....Diprivan."


CyberKitten said...

There is *definitely* something going on in the background.....

Laura said...

I would say to devote more time to 2012, but she wouldn't have a prayer after resigning suddenly.

More likely, they caught her in something - new evidence in troopergate or her mis-use of state funding and so she's resigning before they can drag her through the mud.

dbackdad said...

My guess is that the ethics probe up there is fairly damning and she's trying to minimize it as much as she can.

wunelle said...

I'll be curious to see what pops up as time goes by. There was a scathing article about her idiocy (and that of the modern Republican party) in Vanity Fair (but I've not read it).

I'd like to think this is political suicide, but I can't underestimate the collection of ignorant morons who are drawn to this brand of Angry White Hate; they'll forgive anything so long as she keeps spewing the right lies.