Friday, January 08, 2010

Joe Arpaio - Tin-Pot Dictator


Jan 07, 2010 23:14 EST

Two top county officials said Thursday night they've been subpoenaed to testify next week before a federal grand jury to answer questions about a high-profile Arizona sheriff and his office.

In statements read by a county spokesman, Maricopa County Manager David Smith and Deputy County Manager Sandi Wilson said they met with a federal prosecutor to discuss the case and will testify Wednesday.

Wilson says the general subject of inquiry is abuses by Sheriff Joe Arpaio's office.

... Arpaio gained national attention after aggressively cracking down on illegal immigration.

I wish one of these times that investigations into our local idiot would actually go somewhere. Maybe because this is a federal investigation, there is hope. Usually it's just county attorney Andrew Thomas, whose ethics are scarcely better than Joe's, that does the investigating.


Lorenzo said...

Oh, My Dog!

Laura said...

Nice. I don't know much about him except what you've posted in the past, but I love watching corrupt politicians sink. I was glued to the news when they carted off our governor (who will, apparently, be on celebrity apprentice).

dbackdad said...

He's a regular on national talk shows and is a favorite of anti-immigrant types like Lou Dobbs. His officers regularly do sweeps of neighborhoods specifically looking for immigrants with warrants. He's a racial profiler in the worse sense and gets away with it because of his popularity here. A large percentage of the voters here, unfortunately, agree with him and blame Hispanics for everything that happens. They're not willing to aim that high-powered analysis back on themselves however and realize the problems of places like Phoenix and Las Vegas are largely due to urban sprawl, businesses with no concern for infrastructure, transportation or long range goals, and a real estate industry run amok.

Scott said...

Sheriff Joe almost brought me out of blog retirement with his latest antics involving detention officer Adam Stoddard. The ironic thing is, while right-wingers love Sheriff Joe for his "tough on crime" nonsense, what you actually have under the reign of a sheriff like that is a lawless State.

Seeing that guy do a perp walk would be such a satisfying thing.

dbackdad said...

"Blog retirement"!? I thought it was just an extremely long sabbatical.