Thursday, December 15, 2011

Christopher Hitchens: 1949 -2011

A uniquely intelligent and witty man who informed many of my opinions of the last few years. In a time of anti-intellectual pride, he was not afraid to truly think about things.

And as he predicted and hoped, there was no deathbed conversion. He died as he lived, seeking truth.

He will be missed. I will miss him.


wunelle said...

If I may co-opt a phrase, Amen.

wunelle said...

I'm rereading some old movie reviews on the JW lately. Looking at my Sitemeter, I see a couple visits everyday from a server listed as "googlebot," which appears to be systematically going over my 700-some posts. I use the opportunity to look at what whatever (or whoever) has been reading, and many of these turn out to be movie reviews.

Anyway, I realize going back a few years that you are one of the few who consistently read the movie reviews and leave a comment (on many posts, actually), and I find I really value your readership and your comments. You and I tend to have similar reactions to film, and you occasionally point me in a direction I had not thought to go.

Anyway, I felt I should drop a line to say thanks for spending time on my little blog! I hope we get to meet someday over a beverage and chat about the world.

dbackdad said...

We will definitely meet some day. I love reading your reviews of anything (movies, books, locations). I'm immensely jealous of the travel you get to do by virtue of your profession.

What I don't like is how pathetic I've become about posting on my own blog! The wife and I went and saw The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo tonight. We both liked it. Hypothetically, I will flesh that out with a full review shortly.

wunelle said...

I look forward to the review!