Saturday, January 14, 2012

Focus on the hypocrites

As if we need any kind of confirmation that network television is a bottomless abyss bereft of either morality or courage, tonight in the 2nd quarter of the New England Patriots - Denver Broncos, CBS aired a Focus on the Family "pro-life" commercial where a series of small children recited John 3:16:

It was not too big of a surprise that Focus on the Family chose this game to run the ad considering that the 2nd coming of Christ was present, Tim Tebow. That a mainstream network would actually run such drivel by a hate group IS.

Would CBS have allowed advertisements by Planned Parenthood or an atheist/humanist group? How about a Muslim group? Every time I hear a Christian complain about how much they are persecuted or how they are not allowed to express themselves, I get sick. They are the forever favored majority with the Napoleon complex.

And don't even get me started about using small children to make this advertisement. Richard Dawkins has often made the point that religious indoctrination is tantamount to child abuse. Children are not born religious.

Final score: 45-10 Patriots over the Broncos. Apparently even God is sick of hearing about Tim Tebow and Focus on the Family.


CyberKitten said...

Like... *totally* weird..... [lol]

wunelle said...

Yeah, how nauseating. I can't imagine a more brain-dead assertion than that an omniscient, omnipotent deity would intervene, not just in people's individual lives (a specious enough idea) but at the behest of a devout person to alter the outcome of a sporting event.

The use of kids for this kind of brainwashing is reprehensible. Tell them lies and get them to lie to others, and all of it with a sinister underpinning: believe or suffer eternal torment. (We had a bit of a dust-up on Facebook a week or so ago over someone posting a picture of a child saying "Don't forget to pray to God because He didn't forget to wake you up this morning!". I find this unconscionable: praise Him or He will have you killed. I want nothing o do with these people.)

dbackdad said...

America is a strange and wonderful land ... fully of silly people.

I'd be curious to see interviews with these kids in about 20 years to see if they all stayed on the "path".