Saturday, November 03, 2012

Vote for Rationality

"Becoming atheist isn't a decision to turn your back on God. It's just awakening to the fact that there isn't anything to turn your back on." -- Sue at @TwstdFishy

Let's get beyond all the practical economic, social and environmental reasons that you might not vote for Mitt Romney. From a simple, common sense, rational approach, how can you possibly vote for a man that, with all his heart, believes the following:

  • Jesus visited America
  • Eden is in Missouri
  • Joseph Smith could translate ancient texts (the texts and translations are both provable falsifications)
  • Native Americans are Jews
  • God lives on the planet Kolob
And I didn't even bring up the magic underpants things.  It's simply a question of judgment.  How can one trust in his ability to make decisions that affect people of all beliefs when his own beliefs are batshit crazy.  Why one's religious beliefs are beyond criticism or scrutiny, I'll never know.  The media walks on eggshells about these things.  If a non-Christian running for President had similar tinfoil hat type beliefs, it would most certainly be an issue.

There will be a day where candidates won't have to be afraid of admitting they are atheists.  A day when science, and evolution, and climate change can be openly discussed without fear of reprisal.  That day cannot come soon enough.


wunelle said...

Absolutely correct. This is our best opportunity in a couple centuries to point out how ludicrous the whole business of living-by-a-literal-belief-in-Bronze-Age-mythology is. Anyone who does not see the wild-ass crazy in RMoney can only be trying to do an ostrich toward their own crazy.

And that's the whole problem.

dbackdad said...

Conservatives go great lengths to stress how a Romney is being unfairly scrutinized for his religion. But that high-minded analysis does not extend the other way. They will gladly criticize Obama for not being Christian enough or even worse ... Muslim. Hell, before Romney was given the nomination, they even criticized Romney for his cult religion. Politics truly does make strange bedfellows. It's obvious that ultimately one's beliefs don't mean as much as political expediency.

If one of these guys actually owned up to their craziness and were consistent about their beliefs, I'd actually have to give them some credit.

CyberKitten said...

We'll all definitely be living in 'interesting times' if Romney wins. I actually find it quite incredible that he even has a *chance* of winning. Do people fear/hate/mistrust Obama *that* much?

wunelle said...

The hatred / fear of Obama is purely the big-money right wing media machine at work. This is the bone marrow of the country's stupid people being told what to think by their self-appointed authorities. I like to think that all these hundreds of millions poured into political ads--which seem to be universally reviled--have no effect whatsoever; and yet here we are with a very nearly tied race. The idea that Obama has anywhere near the power to do what the hysteria credits; the idea that he's responsible for the country's ills, or that their anointed candidate could or would do anything different or better--is ludicrous. To claim that Mittens RMoney will fix what's wrong is pure, unadulterated fantasy: even if his office had the power, he has given no coherent program--on anything--and has shifted fundamental positions again and again. What little information we do have, like Ryan's budget, cannot possibly be reconciled to RMoney's claims. This is America at its very worst.

CyberKitten said...

I'll keep my fingers well and truly crossed for you guys on Tuesday. I might even stay up late and watch the results start to come in.