Saturday, February 14, 2015

Here I go again ...

Jeez, I didn't mean to do another religious post this quick, but I saw two things yesterday that made my blood boil:

The first, a mission statement of sorts, was on the wall of a client of mine, a Mary Kay cosmetics seller.  The 2nd was a church that I saw just a a mile away.

I'm obviously not a Christian, but I pride myself on the fact that I know more about religion than most of the religious people that I know.  And I'm pretty damn sure that God, or at least the God of their own bible, did not "intend for them to have more".  More compassion or more forgiveness, perhaps.  But not more money or cars.  It's fascinating how God-centered pastors or businesses fooling people into believing otherwise.  We all know why ... people believe what they want to believe.  If they value possessions, they will seek that belief system that reinforces their desires.  And if that belief system involves God, then all the better because it will give their selfishness a legitimacy.

The second picture deserves a response in the tone in which their statement is given:

- "Your church and religion making something a sin does not make it so."

Especially when said religion picks and chooses what transgressions the bible is supposedly against to define as sin.  Just a few things the bible is against that are ignored: 19 Things The Bible Forbids Other Than Homosexuality 


CyberKitten said...

We all know why ... people believe what they want to believe.

Absolutely right.

Oh, and the business 'Mission statement'.... Wow! Really?

dbackdad said...

The myth that God wants you to make money is perpetuated by these American megachurches ran by people like Joel Osteen and Rick Warren. It's a double-bonus for these churches -- 1. People don't feel guilty about being greedy because God says it's OK and 2. The more money people get, the more they'll give back to the church and the cycle is complete.

CyberKitten said...

Nice to have God on your side as well as being rich I suppose. It must be why they feel/look so smug all the time.

How do they explain financial problems or bankruptcy? I guess they must feel doubly guilty if that happens?

dbackdad said...

With any belief system, you can have a remarkable talent for self-delusion and rationalization. Any failure is only "God testing your faith". Only HE knows the purpose.