Friday, February 18, 2005

Hockey season uncancelled?

So is this really going to happen? Jeremy is way more on top of this than I am. But hopefully it's true.



Jeremy said...

Lots and lots of rumors but I've followed the lockout VERY closely over the past 5 months and if it's one thing I've learned....where there is smoke, there is not necessarily fire. I am cautiously optimistic but only because Lemieux, Gretzky and my man Stevie Y are involved. So while I am hopeful, I will believe nothing until an official statement is made my Gary Bettman.

Jeremy said...

That didn't take long...strong retractions from both the NHL and the NHLPA reps. "the story is absolutely false" and "is simply not true".

Jeremy said...

Just as I figured, the same old crap "boths sides remain philosophically far apart". What they mean is the players are dillusional and the owners caused it!!