Friday, February 25, 2005

The Right to Die

Recent events have brought to the forefront the controversial subject of euthanasia and the right to die. Whether it's someone taking their own life(Hunter S. Thompson) or someone they love making the choice for them when they can't(Terri Schiavo), it's a polarizing subject. We think nothing of sending 1490+ young men and women to their deaths ... not to mention 15000+ Iraqis. Yet we won't allow someone (or someone they love) the dignity of making their own choice. It's even immortalized in film, Million Dollar Baby and The Sea Inside.

It all comes down to the role we want government and church to make in our lives. Ultimately, someone in power shouldn't allow their religious beliefs forbidding euthanasia to make that same decision for those who don't share it. In what is fast becoming a broken record, yet another Bush, Jeb, is using the power of his office to meddle in the power of the judiciary and, in turn, our lives.

It's a complete disregard of the secular nature of our governnment. God is ruling decisions. This is not how our founding fathers intended:

Secular Nature of Government
Founding Fathers and Religion

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