Thursday, November 09, 2006

Working Together

How heartening ... seeing Orthodox Jews, Muslims and Christians working together for a common cause. Man, we should bottle that up and solve the world's religious problems. What noble cause could this be? Hunger? The environment? War? ---- uh, no. It is their shared bigotry and hatred of gays:

Ultra-Orthodox Jews protest Jerusalem gay march plan

It's good to know that religious fundamentalism is alive and well the world around. Right.

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Sadie Lou said...

I watched a wedding show on the Style Network yesterday. It showed three couples getting prepared for their wedding day. One couple was gay--two men were having their names changed to reflect their union and then having ceremony. It was so cool because of all three couples, the gay couple were the most in love. It was obvious the way they held each other when the judge said their names wouldn't be changed for three weeks (way past their wedding day) and the way one of the men broke down crying because his mother refused to attend the wedding and the other man started crying to just at the sight of his partner's hurt and rejection. The other two couples fought the whole time and spent thousands upon thousands of dollars.
I don't know if the Syle Network showed these three examples to make a point but I caught on quickly.
It really bothered me actually.