Sunday, May 06, 2007

The Sci-Fi 25

There's an interesting top 25 list that I saw on Entertainment Weekly's site:

The Sci-Fi 25 -- which included what they consider the best (or most influential) sci-fi of TV and film for the last 25 years.

There are some notable omissions (in my eyes): V for Vendetta, Twelve Monkeys, Fifth Element

and some questionable inclusions: V, Galaxy Quest, Quantum Leap

but, overall, the list is pretty good. Some of my favorites: Blade Runner, X-Files, Dr. Who, The Matrix, Children of Men, Serenity/Firefly


Sadie Lou said...

Oh cool! Yeah, I sometimes don't "get" what people love about certain sci-fi shows/movies--Firefly and Blade Runner were completely lost on me.
But then some of it is right up there on my LOVE List
The Matrix
I don't know why some stuff seems cheesy to me and some stuff is cool. I can't put my finger on it.

dbackdad said...

Hey, sometimes things can be cheesy AND cool. Dr. Who would certainly qualify there. Another British sci-fi show that I liked would definitely be in that category ... Red Dwarf.

Scott said...

I'm not a real big fan of Sc-fi, so maybe this should be taken with a grain of salt, but Brazil was one of the worst things I've ever seen on my TV set. At least as much of it I could bear to watch.

CyberKitten said...

I've been a Sci-Fi fan since I was introduced to it at age 14. I've read thousands of SF books & seen hundreds of SF flms & TV shows - I still love it... though as with everything there's good SF, bad SF and great SF.

Loved Firefly/Serenity, The Matrix, Bladerunner and so so. Liked Galaxy Quest, enjoyed V at the time (though thought it *very* cheesy) & didn't like Quantum Leap at all.

I'm a fan of 'classic' Dr Who (particularly Tom Baker) but really, really, *really* don't like its new incarnation.

SF is the literature of modern times. I never understood why the 'critics' look down there noses at it so much. Is it even possible for a SF movie to win best picture Oscar? No matter how good it is?

Laura said...

Scott and I agree on another thing (I won't be shocked this time, OK?). I too hated Brazil. Both times I saw it I felt like I was sitting there for about two weeks. Then again, that's how I feel with ANY Terry Gilliam movie really.

Overall a good list. Never got in to some of the TV shows. I'm glad to see the Thing is on there, and Aliens.