Monday, May 12, 2008


Denial ... check. Anger ... check. Bargaining ... check. Depression ... check. Acceptance ... reluctantly, check. OK, I get it. After about 6 months of degrading vision, I figure out that maybe I should go have my eyes checked. That was a couple of weeks ago. 20/30 in one eye, 20/40 in the other with some astigmatism. No biggie. So I ordered some glasses and they came in Friday. None of my clients or friends have seen me in them yet. I'll try and get some pictures of me in them up sometime soon. Nothing to be nervous about.

Johnny Depp wears them:

Bono wears them:

Rivers Cuomo of Weezer wears them:

But those guys are cool. I'm a nerd having a little trouble with what wearing glasses represents. I'm not vain. It's not wearing glasses that bothers me - it's what it portends -- I'm getting old.

In my younger days, I thought it would be cool to have glasses. Men that wore glasses looked scholarly and intelligent to me. Well, now's my chance to test the theory. I figure if I'm going to wear them, I don't want them to be something boring. I never even considered getting contacts. Those might be the right answer for some people, but the the thought of me sticking my finger in my eyeball every day was unappealing.

I'm probably being a baby about it. I'm sure a lot of you wear glasses. My own son wears glasses and has since he was 4. But this is different. I've had perfect vision all my life but now that I've hit my upper 30's, my body is rebelling. Let's face it, it's all downhill from here. I'm joking ... mostly.

"I had some eyeglasses. I was walking down the street when suddenly the prescription ran out." -- Stephen Wright


josh said...

It could be worse: If my daughter moves my glasses and I take my contacts off and they're not where I left them I have to ask my wife to find them for me because I can't see well enough to find them.

That makes you feel like an old man for sure.

CyberKitten said...

Don't sweat it. I've been wearing glasses since High School & I've *hardly* ever been called a Nerd... [laughs]

...and I do think it makes girls look sexy....

wunelle said...

I've had glasses since just out of high school. Routine myopia, but mostly it's astigmatism. I think about Lasik, but with my job I just can't risk things not going right.

Plus, I'm not fashionable enough to wear the right clothes, but I also don't want to wear mundane glasses; so I've always tried to find something a bit twisted. I especially like the heavy "birth-control" glasses like Rivers Cuomo has there.

Pics, please!

Eric said...

this thread is worthless without a picture of you.

Laura said...

If wearing glasses means you're getting old, then I've been old since I've been 7 years old...

it doesn't mean you're getting old, it means you're defective. :p

Eric said...

can I see 'em on Wed? Beers with the kids? Ogis?

dbackdad said...

Josh -- Luckily not quite there yet. Trouble with signs and seeing the TV are about it.

CK -- Women with glass are outstanding. When I was looking for celebs with glasses, I found this page: Celebrities. Peet, Garner and Blanchett are highlights.

Wunelle -- I have the same qualms about Lasik. Plus, I kinda like the look of my glasses and don't really want to spend a couple of thousand just to have some kind of elaborate laser torture.

I seriously considered the "birth-control" glasses, but settled on a pair just a bit more subtle. Here are mine: Bolle Optics Vendome. I hate pictures of myself but maybe I'll have Eric take a picture of me on Wednesday. I'm going to a Dbacks game tomorrow, so maybe I'll get a half-way decent non-posed picture there.

Laura -- lol. I'm definitely defective, but I think we knew that already.

Eric -- Wednesday, beer, Oggi's ... yes, yes, yes.

dbackdad said...

Wunelle -- I just looked at your profile a bit closer and my glasses don't look drastically different than yours. Modified "birth-control" glasses for both of us. lol.

wunelle said...

I love the look of yours in that picture. Retro and just a touch of nerd. Just my style.

My wife doesn't care for my Birth Control Glasses, and my new ones are more subtle--some Tag-Heuer hingeless (actually newer than my profile glasses). But I used to have some extreme nerd glasses which I really liked.