Thursday, May 01, 2008

On the Road

We're off to California for a long weekend at my wife's aunt's place in Manhattan Beach. We're either going to go to Griffith Park and the L.A. Zoo or we might head to the LBC and visit the Aquarium of the Pacific and the Queen Mary.

Hopefully, I can mix in some used book shopping.

I'm taking the laptop, so I'll try and blog about our travels.


wunelle said...

Happy trails!

I'll be out in that neck of the woods myself; maybe we'll touch elbows!

dbackdad said...

You're going to be in L.A.? Nice. Definitely let me know of your goings-on in case we're able to cross paths.

Laura said...

there's a wonderful used bookstore in Long Beach. Can't remember what it's called, but I'm sure someone will know. It's a used book warehouse, it's HUGE

dbackdad said...

Cool. I'll definitely go there. Is it Acres of Books? Just doing a quick google search seemed to bring up that one more than anything.

Laura said...

Yep, that's the place. My friend Michael found a 1950s ettiqette guide called "The Woman You Want To Be" and I found a surpisingly progressive 1950s sex ed book written by a catholic priest.

They have all sorts of weird shit in there.

dbackdad said...

Nice. It's only .8 miles from the Aquarium. I think we're going to ride the train there tomorrow.