Thursday, September 04, 2008


I told myself, "You are not going to talk about her. She's just a VP candidate. She's over her skis and doesn't know what she's gotten herself into. She's just a small state governor, an outsider who was put on the ticket to help McCain pick up some disenchanted Clinton supporters. She seems nice enough and her family certainly doesn't deserve the scrutiny it has received."

I might have kept that opinion but then Sarah Palin took on the role of Darth Vader last night in her convention speech and and threw out every right-wing, conservative generalization in the book in order to please the crowd and the "base". Mission accomplished, but in the process, she may have went a long way towards alienating any middle-of-the-road appeal the ticket may have had. The role of a VP is usually to help the presidential candidate appeal to some constituency that he/she may not have had. McCain's candidacy had already moved to the right of Bush/Cheney. All bringing up "God and guns" did was to preach to the converted. And any free pass she may have been given by some Democrats is out the window with her patent lies and attacks and willingness to play the heavy.

Sarah Palin says that Obama will raise taxes on everyone ... a lie. She says Obama wants to forfeit in Iraq ... a lie. She says Obama wants to meet with terrorist states without preconditions ... a lie.

She criticizes community organizers (which Obama was), a conduit for those disenfranchised by a corrupt political system. She does not bring up how McCain will help people with healthcare, their homes, or jobs. She says she was against the "bridge to Nowhere", the brainchild of Ted Stevens, from the get-go while she advocated the project as governor.

Her views on sex education and abortions will lose her allies even within her own party. She proudly talks about her own special-needs child and parades out her teenage pregnant daughter (out-of-wedlock) as a model of evangelical and wholesome living while cutting programs for special-needs children and teenage mothers while governor.

I could go on and on, bring up her views on creationism, her hypocrisy on lobbying and pork-barrel spending, etc.

She could have played it cool, been window-dressing on McCain's ticket, possibly helping him to pick up some moderates who admired her ability to raise a family and run a state. But with last night's speech, she showed her ass and her true colors. I do not feel sorry for any scrutiny she will get from now on. Sarah Palin, welcome to the world of politics. It's on.

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Laura said...

Nuance and details... something many American voters have no patience for.

She has a vagina and "executive experience." That's all that matters!

The Daily Show had some great digs showing GOP pundits and leaders putting their feet in their mouths about things like teen pregnancy, female candidates, and someone else with 2 years "executive" experience ... it's hilarious.

The worst thing about Palin - and of course this is lost on the already converted - is that she's parading around her family values' "choices" while running on a platform that would deny that very same decision making process to millions of others.

I couldn't watch the whole speech. I threw up in my mouth a little when she tried to say parents of special needs children would have an ally in the whitehouse... unless of course those parents need more financial support, social services, or better medical coverage, a higher paying wage or better family leave options.

wunelle said...

I had to post that Jon Stewart bit. It's just too telling not to get coverage from the mainstream media.

I agree, dbackdad, with what you write; and yet I think her "conservative credentials"--the bullshit phrase for all the fascist religious hooey the evangelical wing of the party wants to force down everyone else's throats--were part of McC's calculation. She will rope in (he hopes) all the jesus people that don't really like McC.

But I refuse to believe that those people amount to such a high number; wouldn't it be better to aim for the middle, for the libertarian part of the Repub. philosophy? Aren't there far more people who would respond to that?

I think the evangelicals on the right should be marginalized to insignificance, not pandered to.

dbackdad said...

You are both right. I certainly think they did a job of energizing the "base", but those people would have voted for McCain anyway.

Libertarians have finally figured out that Bush is not a true conservative and never really represented their beliefs. This open pandering to the nutjob radical right wing of the property by McCain and Palin will certainly not get them any votes among the South Park Republicans.

Scott said...

If Palin was really a member of a secessionists party she would be one of my favorite politicians ever. I doubt she was though, and even if she was she is distancing her self from it now which means she didn't really believe it I guess.

Too bad.

shrimplate said...

She took the money that was going to go for "the bridge to nowhere" and used it to build a road to the (non-existent) bridge approach.


I don't know how she manages to pull her skirt on up over those massive balls she has.