Friday, November 28, 2008

Coffee With Sarge

Well, I did it again. I was on the radio Sunday. This time I was an actual guest for a whole hour and talked quite a bit. My friend Sarge has a Sunday show, called Coffee With Sarge, in conjunction with The Jeff Farias Show. Read a bit more about Sarge and my previous appearance here.

Jeff Farias is very prominent in the volatile and interesting Phoenix progressive talk radio scene, having previously been with Nova M (flagship of Randi Rhodes and Mike Malloy), Air America, and KPHX 1480. Daily Kos has, a decent play-by-play of that volatility here.

Sarge asked me about my opinions on the effects of the Internet on progressive politics. We ran a live chat during the show and also took calls from people asking general computer questions of me. He said it was the most active his show had been. Here's a link to the Podcast:

Coffee with Sarge

I had fun and wouldn't be surprised if I got the chance to be on again sometime.

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