Thursday, February 18, 2010

el Rushbo

I went to a client today and they had el Rushbo on the radio in their office. I hadn't actually heard his voice in awhile and I think may have threw up in my mouth a little bit.

If anyone thinks he's harmless or fringe, you may need to listen to him for a bit just to remind yourself that good and seemingly normal people listen to him. And that's a scary thing.

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wunelle said...

I'm intrigued at the extreme polarization of our present world.

I blame the political right for all of it, this scary admixture of anti-intellectualism and lots-o'-Jesus and the love of the Simple Answer. Reagan helped make America "Wal-Mart and proud of it!" and Newt Gingrich and Karl Rove and Cheney helped instill this my-way-or-the-highway absolutism. Now a segment of the country seems to be moving further and further to the extreme right, into genuinely dangerous territory, and we seem to be too stupid or spineless to resist the influence of the loudest and craziest.

There is no phenomenon on the left to even remotely compare to this far-right swing of Rush and Fox and the Tea-baggers. For the left to match this movement there would need to be virulent Communism; even socialism (which, contrary to the hype, we're nowhere near) is mild in comparison, I think.

No one can govern from the center now, both because 1) the right has moved so far right that the true political center is branded deep-leftist territory, and 2) because reason and thoughtfulness just get no traction against extremism. It's a sad time for us, I think.