Sunday, February 07, 2010

Rahm Emanuel

That's pretty funny. I've not always been the biggest Rahm fan but I like his fire. And the hub-bub about his comments to fellow Dem's was overblown. And Palin IS a "f**ckin' gimmick". Her hypocrisy is staggering. On Fox today she defended Rush Limbaugh using the term "retards" to describe the same people Rahm did. I will put up with a lot of stuff but I will not suffer morons that listen to a single word that Palin says. You people are tools.


wunelle said...

That's awesome.

If I believed in a god, Sarah Palin would be his punishment for the Angry White Man's movement. Can you imagine someone like her making it this far into politics in any educated country? Absurd. Think of it: there's a good chance that the hijacked Republican Party will attempt to give the keys to the world's largest nuclear arsenal to a jesus-freak ignoramus with a lust for "end times."

Again and again I think: we will get in our political system exactly what we collectively deserve.

Laura said...

My boss once ran into Rahm on a CTA platform when he was a congressman living in our neighborhood. He approached Rahm, who was very personable and chatty. Then He said "I'm a big fan of yours" to which Rahm replied without skipping a beat (imagine an overzealous car salesman) "And I'm a big fan of YOURS"... Always laughed at that story.

Shawn said...

I keep thinking there's a direct correlation between the drop in U.S. education relative to other countries in the world and the increase in people that willingly suspend common sense in their political beliefs. I don't mind people who have political views I disagree with, but I absolutely despise people who spit out talking points without any idea of what they even mean. While I respect "soccer Moms" as mothers, I don't really want a pretend one running my country.