Friday, July 15, 2011

"Catapult the Propaganda"

I have to give credit where credit is due. It takes a special kind of stupid to be able to consume FOX News on a daily basis. We ate dinner at BJ's Brewpub tonight and among their bank of TV's, FOX News was on ... with no sound. Even without sound, within 5 minutes I was ready to put a gun in my mouth. In that small time frame, I was able to discover that Obama is the worst imperialist President ever, that he was going to take my home through imminent domain and was going to tax me into submission. That's important information that I was lucky enough to have beat into my brain without so much as a convincing argument.  I was able to tick off at least a half dozen of the classic propaganda techniques without even trying.

A reasoning FOX News viewer might be concerned by the turmoil of News Corp. owner Rupert Murdoch, but as evidenced by my short indoctrination, there couldn't possibly be any reasoning FOX News viewers.


wunelle said...

I think anyone still clinging to the idea that this network actually informs anyone about anything remotely non-partisan is in deep denial. If the viewers would just admit that they watch to have their prejudices confirmed (never mind that the network has done so much to invent and solidify those prejudices) I'd have more respect for them. Not much, but I'm starting from absolute zero.

dbackdad said...

What gets me is the absolute obliviousness of those that watch it to the fact that it might be perceived as partisan. Otherwise, why would national chain restaurants (like BJ's) air something that will alienate many patrons. Reason #1 -- they don't care - which I don't think is the case. Reason #2 -- they are blind to it.

wunelle said...

I had words with a local restaurant here in Louisville that had Faux playing on the dining room TV. I was polite and respectful, but I said this choice of programming is polarizing and offensive to a lot of people and that just seems like an unwise business practice. I was not, I assured, trying to tell anyone what to think; but ESPN or some other source would offend no one.

Next time I was in the channel was changed. I have since been back.

dbackdad said...

Well played. I really think that a lot of watchers of FOX don't realize how the normal world perceives it. It's designed as an echo chamber and watchers are encouraged to view all other sources of info as suspect.