Friday, July 21, 2006

Sweet seats

Courtesy of a dear and longtime friend, Alex and I took in tonight's D-back game against the Rockies in the best seats that I have ever had for a sporting event. We were 4 rows back of the visitor dugout.

We were close enough to spit a sunflower seed and hit 'em in the back of the head ... not that we would do such a thing.

Of course, Alex is usually more interested in the peripheral things at a game, like touching the dugout:

While he's taking in all the extra stuff, I actually watch the game. And this was a good one to watch as the D-back won 6-2, Luis Gonzales tied Dave Parker for 30th on the all-time doubles list with his 526th double:

and Shawn Green knocked in his 1000th career RBI:

Plus, Todd Helton got tossed after arguing balls and strikes:

Add a beer and a footlong Cincinatti chili dog into the mix and you have a stellar evening.


Sadie Lou said...

How fun! That's somthing your son will remember forever. As I type, my hubby and son are heading down to the Giants Stadium on a big luxery bus with like 30 people from our church--good times.
I have no clue as to who the Giants are playing

dbackdad said...

They're playing the Padres.

My friend that gave me the tickets is a huge SF fan and used to live in Santa Clara. They go out to SF at least once a year and says that is a great park.

Sadie Lou said...

Well, the Giants won and my hubby said it was a great game even if the score was 4 to 3.
The SF stadium is insanely beautiful. My mom took some pictures so be sure to check out my blog soon to see pics of it. My favorite part is the bay that backs up behind the stadium and people wait there in their various boats to catch fly balls...

greatwhitebear said...

It looks like my baseball moments are gonna be the local d-backs Single A affiliate this year. Waited too long ot get Tigers tickets, weekend games are pretty well sold out now till end of the year. Dammit, if the were still playing on "the corner" I'd be able to sit in the bleachers and see a few games. Why build a new stadium that holds fewer people than the old one?

dbackdad said...

The Tigers are kicking butt this year. Who'd a thunk it?

We were tickled to have the new Cardinals football stadium within walking distance. I did not foresee, however, that they would sell out all their home games. So, we're out in the cold as far as seeing any games this year. These are the Cardinals we are talking about ... the very definition of futility.