Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Aryan Outfitters

I saw this photo essay on Mother Jones' Magazine's website (click image or link to view):

Aryan Outfitters

I know it's not right to draw a larger meaning out of something that is anecdotal and not necessarily representative of our whole society. But at the very least, the photos and the people represented in them are illustrative of a few things:

- There is no apparent understanding of irony by these people. How do you perform the selfless act of caring for a disabled grown child while also actively supporting an organization that preaches hate and has in it's past preached violence and even killing?

- Religion gives a cloak of righteousnous to those who preach hate. They feel the bible both instructs them and supports them in doing this. The pictures of "Mrs. Ruth" blessing each robe is beyond the pale.

- Raising your children to hate is borderline child abuse.


Laura said...

Considering the KLAN works to 'preserve the white race' technically Ms. Ruth's kid should be killed. Deformity should not be tolerated!

These people make me sick.

wunelle said...

I just wonder how many of them *really* believe what they profess? I guess I think that about all religions. I'm inclined to think that most of what people refer to as "belief" really belongs under the heading of "hope."

It just seems so overtly wrong-headed to base a foundation of hatred on a mythological Jesus-figure who is supposed to have love and forgiveness and inclusiveness at his core.

And then to be so sure as to inflict wanton harm and hurt on others on the strength of this unsupported belief--it's delusional and profoundly anti-democratic.

dbackdad said...

Either I've been lucky to have not lived in an area where KKK was, or I just didn't know of it. I just about come unhinged when I even think about this group.

One of my favorite movies and one that hits on the whole Aryan thing is American History X. I think it's the best work that Edward Norton has ever done.