Tuesday, April 08, 2008


Damn, I need to blog more often. Got my taxes done, so I should have a bit more time to do so.

We went to the Diamondbacks home opener Monday (we won) and had a good time. For some pics, click the image.

This Sunday, I'll be making my on-air debut with the local progressive talk radio station, KPHX 1480. As seems to be the case with me, I was just a bit lucky and just happened to get the opportunity to do some work for the right set of people. A year or two ago, I'd made an local acquaintance on democraticunderground.com and had done some computer work for this person. She was happy with my work and mentioned me to some of her friends. Well, some of her friends just happened to be a couple of the Sunday morning hosts on KPHX. This week, I did some gratis work for them, they mentioned me on their show and invited me to come on air this Sunday. Hopefully I won't sound like a complete moron. They post the podcasts of the show by the next day here. I'll give you a heads-up this weekend to let you know if it will be worth a listen.

Also this Sunday, my son has his first classes at church for communion. As I don't exactly know what that entails and with you all knowing my opinion on religion, this subject should make for some blogger fodder for me over the next few weeks.


Laura said...

Sounds like fun. The Cubs home opener was rainy and 50 degrees... I didn't go, but I heard grumbles from people who did.

Good luck on the radio. Are you a guest or doing some honorary DJing?

BTW: you have to check out the new Ministry album (Cover Ups by Ministry & Co Conspirators). They do a cover of Supernaut that is out of this world.

As for the classes... I dunno what I'd do in that case. I personally got tossed out of sunday school when I was 8 because I couldn't stop laughing. I guess if it were me, I'd try to blend those classes with a healthy dose of personal inquiry and just let him know that it's perfectly ok to ask awkward questions, to disagree, and to inquire on his own about issues and problems that might arise.

dbackdad said...

DJing ... I wish. Just a guest. I'll probably get to talk about my biz a little bit and sit in as they take callers on pressing progressive issues. Mostly, I'll try not to get in the way.

I'm going to get the Ministry album right now with my b-day money.

wunelle said...

Good luck with that! May you achieve quick super-stardom. (Or at least bask in the glow of righteous satisfaction that you're doing your part to counter idiots like Sean Hannity and Ann Coulter.)

shrimplate said...

Communion? They don't cut off any body-parts in that, do they?