Sunday, January 18, 2009

Cards are going to the Super Bowl!!

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Alex and I went to the Cardinals 32 - 25 win over the Philadelphia Eagles in the NFC Championship in Glendale. Had a blast.


Scott said...

Congrats brother. That was quite a game. Fitzgerald is an absolute stud, I'd love to see him in a Bears jersey. Heck, I'd love to see any professional wide receiver in a Bears jersey. I was definitely pulling for your Cards, as I got tired of the idiots on ESPN constantly telling me they shouldn't be in the playoffs and have no chance.

Must have been a blast.

dbackdad said...

Thanks man. It was great. We walked home from the stadium and Westgate was jumpin' and as we walked down the main street (Northern), cars were honking their horns, people were hanging out windows and generally nuttiness was rampant. There's a lot of pent up frustration for over a 100 years of suckiness and mediocrity for the team (20 of it here). I've been witness to the last 16 of those years.

As for Fitz, he's pretty much a freak of nature.

I'm sure the ESPN dorks will pick Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl. All the better as these Cards seem to play better as underdogs.

Scott said...

I'm all for over the top sports celebrations. Well short of vandalism, of course. Sports are to war as pornography is to sex. Better we seek our glory and comradery from men playing with balls than from wanton destruction.

Championships are fun, revel in that shit.

dbackdad said...

Well said, sir.

greatwhitebear said...

yeah, and the Lions have the #1 pick (again). Sigh!

greatwhitebear said...

Oh yeah... I think that final drive earned Kurt Warner entrance to the hall!

dbackdad said...

GWB - Great to hear from you man.

Sorry about the Lions. They were the train wreck that the Cardinals usually are.

I'd have to agree on Warner. I think he'll play 2 more years. With what he has done so far and a couple more years of stats, he should be in no problem. A win in the Super Bowl would just about cement it even if he didn't play another down in the regular season. No QB has ever taken two different teams to a Super Bowl win. (a couple have two rings but one as a starter, one as a backup - McMahon, for example).