Friday, January 02, 2009

Going Green Update

This time, instead of us personally doing something good for the environment, it's my city. The long awaited Phoenix Metro Rail started up last week and we braved long lines to be among the first to ride on opening day. The light rail run goes from just a bit north of central Phoenix east to Mesa, a run of about 20 miles. All of the major museums, Chase Field (home of the Dbacks) US Airways Center (home of the Suns), and numerous concert venues, restaurants, art galleries are all along the route.

We live nowhere near this route, but it's a beginning. A step in the right direction. If a car-happy, conservative state can put in a light rail, there is yet hope.


shrimplate said...

It's a beginning, and a good one at that. I'd like to be the owner of one of the several empty lots along the route.

Movies said...

It is looking to be good one. I didn't go for it but quite interested in. Thanks for posting. I loved it.