Friday, January 09, 2009

Simple Shoes

Ugh. Finally. After hunting at every place that was supposed to carry Simple brand shoes (as advertised on their website) and not find them, I finally found their line of shoes at Whole Foods Supermarkets. Go figure. Look for shoes at a grocery store ... that's logical. Not.

I know I could have ordered the shoes online. But call me goofy ... I'd actually like to try on a pair of shoes before buying them. They looked great, felt great, and I bought the Dark Earth Sno Tire eco-certified leather shoes. Recycled car tire soles and outsoles. Recycled plastic pedbeds, and shoelaces. Washed leather, organic cotton and 100% recycled paper pulp comprise everything else.

It's not always easy to buy green, but worth it in the long run.


shrimplate said...

Whole Foods, eh? I have to check that out. Cool shoes.

dbackdad said...

They've got about a half dozen different styles there. I've been wearing the shoes to work the last few days and they are very comfortable.